Dstv Repairs

Dstv Repairs


1.Dstv Signal Problems
Has your decoder recently lost Signal ? or Does does it lose  connectivity from time to time giving you unnecessary stress .Well this is heavily due to heavy rains and or wind that upsets your dish alignment .In addition heavy rains and wind destroy your LNB resulting in the issues of lost signal on TV .If you encounter this problem please do not hesitate to call us.

2.Dstv Extra View
Do you have one or more decoders in your house but only want to pay the price of one subscription ?This is most reasonable in these temperate economic environment of South Africa or simply you want to enjoy the same channels on your main Tv inside the bedroom or extra room. Dstv Services is here to help out on these issues and we make sure Multi choice will only Charge you  R75  on the extra Decoder.XtraView is a cost-effective and flexible solution, allowing you to link two XtraView-capable DStv decoders for the cost of a single subscription. XtraView allows you to increase the number of TV channels that can be viewed simultaneously in your home, without having to pay an additional subscription.

3.Dstv Explora Installation
We have specially trained technicians that are on call 24/7 to assist you in the installation of the New Dstv Explora.We provide also extra view installations on Explora in Johannesburg downloadand Pretoria .How ever you must take note of the cu rent decoder that you own before you call Dstv Services .It is a requirement that your current installation must have a Twin LNB so that your upgrade can be carried out .If you do not have a Twin Lnb please tell us on time before our technicians set out to you. Note that you can also purchase a Multi-Choice acrredited Twin Lnb from our technicians on the spot.In the event that you are not sure which LNB you currently own please ask for assistance.For on this you might need to visit .Click here

4.PVR Upgrades
Get the best viewing quality and miss out on nothing with HD PVR in XtraView.
You’ll be blown away by the amazing quality of your picture when you upgrade to High Definition. In fact, your picture will be so great that you won’t want to miss out on a single episode or movie. That’s where PVR and XtraView come in. You can record a channel while watching two others when you upgrade your standard DStv decoder with this fantastic package.
Deal includes:
An upgrade of your normal DStv decoder to HD PVR in ExtraView
1x DStv HD PVR 2P decoder with full installation
Change LNB on existing dish to twin LNB
50m RG-6/U satellite cable Skk90
Remote control


We carry out dish take downs and re installations in the entire Gauteng area .Please note that all our Call-out fees are R350 .