About Us

dstv installDstv Sa Pro carries out Dstv Installation with  passion   experience to our customers, we carry out extra view , dstv explora ,HD pvr upgrades   armed with extraordinary technical training, knowledge and experience on how to make audio, video and multimedia products complement the lifestyles of our customers.

Our single goal is to become the ultimate installers for our clients with service excellence because quality of our workmanship and  standard cost. With a business model traditionally reserved exclusively for the Corporate Industry, our business model rests on a Keystone of what we call Dstv Sa Pro (fantastic).

You probably wondering what on earth does Dstv Sa Pro have to do with a Corporate Business Model? Well, actually nothing because we believe that if we can start our day with a Dstv  Sa attitude, offer our customers a Dstv Sa experience and finish our day knowing that our customers and our staff had a Dstv Sa day then our Corporate Business Model becomes all the more easier to flawlessly execute! Lol … if only it was that easy but we promise to keep trying.